At Akito we believe in biking. Proper biking. ‘Go anywhere’ biking. The biking you read about, the biking you dream about. The dream you bought into when you chose to be a biker. A sense of adventure. The rush of adrenalin. The thrill of the chase. The sunny Sunday morning ride out with mates? You’re missing the point! Proper biking is much more than that; real bikers follow that dream… Own a traillie? Then get out in the rough stuff! Fall off a bit, get back on. What about your tourers? We just did eight countries in four weeks travelling through rain, wind, cold (and even some snow!) You see, proper bikers aren’t constrained by anything but their imagination. Whatever they ride, they push it to the max. Try new things. Go to new places. Learn. Experience. In pursuit of adventure, proper bikers need kit they can depend on. Not fancy branded, over-priced designer wear – the proper gear! Akito, the original value brand.