Group Lloyd was founded in 1956 by George Lloyd. We’re now celebrating close to 70 years in business

The company is a major global player in the international motorcycle helmet and clothing market. Group Lloyd has achieved its phenomenal expansion through providing quality products which represent excellent value for money, allied with the support and infrastructure usually associated with goods costing much more.

One of the most highly regarded businesses in the motorcycle industry it is unique in only selling brands that are exclusively owned by Group Lloyd for greater brand control and fast-paced market response. As a brand owner, developer, manufacturer, importer and distributor of motorcycle products, the company is confident in its knowledge of the marketplace and ability to design and produce the highest technologically driven quality products.

With almost 70 years of experience in the business, the family-run Group Lloyd does not only trust in its past experiences and success, but further invests in new technologies and design methods in order to stay at the top of its game. With huge margins and flexible trading terms on offer, Group Lloyd goes from strength to strength.

Group Lloyd is indeed a long-standing company with a rich heritage, building a strong reliable reputation and establishing themselves as a trusted name. Our extensive experience and commitment to quality has contributed to our success and longevity. Group Lloyd’s heritage is a testament to our expertise and dedication to our customers around the world.